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Together with eleven European partners, the IT-Logistikcluster is starting a 32-month project, which is supported by the "Horizon 2020" programme of the European Union. 

The vision of the Blockchain Innovation Spaces (Block.IS) project is to build an open and collaborative cross-border, cross-sectoral innovation ecosystem that fosters the use of this cutting-edge technology in three vital sectors for the European economy: agrifood, logistics and finance.

Block.IS partners

Block.IS services & activities

The Block.IS Cluster Missions is a supporting tool/methodology to engage and connect clusters from the above-mentioned sectors (with different levels of development). The Missions allow the participants to understand and ‘feel’ the hosting cluster ecosystem, learn the processes required to boost innovation, find out about the available resources, build relationships and expand their networks and capacity to support their SMEs’ growth.

Block.IS will organize two open calls to attract, select and fund the best of the best SMEs to generate blockchains-based products, processes and business models with strong market potential in the sectors of agrifood, logistics and finance.

Further information: Block.IS website


Contact person

Anne Häner
Project manager
Tel. +49 941 604889 62