The world of work is nowadays subject to a continuous change. Devices and machines keep on getting more and more “independent” and objects get more and more “intelligent”. It is therefore all the more important that the delivered data is displayed clearly, so that they can be conceived by the human eye.  The amounts of data keep on getting bigger and bigger and for that reason they have to be extracted for each employee in advance.

Therefore a central question in the manufacturing industries is: “For whom are which information important?” The development of simple and intuitive web-based tools that enable the user to display the data quickly with a click, is indispensable.

 Not only web-based visualizations are undergoing an unstoppable boom, but also in the range of augmented reality there are ongoing innovative, new projects.

 Augmented-Reality-glasses enable the user to operate on a transparent screen by movements of the head or eyes, as well as by gestures or voice.

The aim of the working group is the development of innovative solutions in this field.

 Project concept:

Visualization systems, that are able to deal with semantic data, are being developed. The projects builds on the project ProHL.

 Working group