User meeting Meet & Suceed

The event format Meet & Suceed is a key marketing instrument of the network I2P Innovative IT for Production.

Potential users here meet with members of the network to discuss, how to tackle important problems of users with the solution expertise of the network I2P.

With that, a marketing channel which is unique in this form, is being created. Users are able to fall back on experiences of the networks’ companies. Potential users are determined specifically in advance.


A user company is looking for a solution for a concrete theme in the range of industry 4.0, which cannot be managed by the company alone. For this question, the network I2P establishes contact between user and supplier.


Various companies or research institutes from the network I2P innovative IT for production or from the Bavarian IT-logistics cluster, offer solutions for the adressed topics. These solutions lead to an optimization of the users' processes along the value chain.


A joint elaboration of an approach is developed in the user meetings Meet & Succeed. The network I2P organizes and presents these user meetings Meet & Succeed and supports the participating companies with concepting solutions.



Contact person

Maria Hirschberger

Network Manager

Tel: 0941 - 604 889 700