In the course of the increasing networking of production systems, the security risk of an IT-attack also increases tremendously. It is therefore all the more important for companies to analyze the existing IT-security concepts and build up a strong network.

 Already today a lot of processes in the production are networked by means of various communication channels and the exchange of data is more and more important, whereby the security regarding IT-attacks is not adequately fulfilled.

 For companies, safe communication however is one of their basic requirements to protect their know-how, products and production plants from unauthorized access.The currently existing security concepts in the companies have to be checked and adapted to the new requirements.

 To maintain the companies’ competitiveness in the global environment, the development of strategies and standards in the range of security issues regarding IT- attacks is therefore essential.
The aim of the working group security is to develop innovative solutions in this context.

 Project concept:

In the project Security, a method for autonomous and safe communication between machines is being developed. The advices are building up a network among themselves, whereby at least one of the involved devices can be controlled by a display. Key project elements are a safe administration of the identification and access, as well as the handling of error- and diagnostic-protocols. Furthermore the question “What happens with an unsafe advice among the combined machines?” can be answered.

Working group:




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Maria Hirschberger

Network Manager

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