Secure Smart Factory Lab

The intelligent networking of objects, machines and people with information- and communication-technology systems is a major step in the development of production and offers a wide range of possibilities to increase the efficiency of producing companies.

A “dual strategy” enables a comprehensive, interface-free use of real-time information. The expectations of industry 4.0 technologies are based on the integration of intelligence in products and the use of intelligent products in the production. Due to this, companies profit from an increased competitiveness and innovation- and growth impulses.

Project concept

In the project “Secure Smart Factory Lab”, a concept for simulating a secure factory is being developed together with the IT-users’ center of the East Bavarian technical university.

With PC-based control as a central technology for smart factory, a prerequisite for the vertical and horizontal integration, which is required within industry 4.0, is given.
By using for example RIFD or pick-and-place-robots, the customized production can be pushed ahead. Even new, intuitive operating concepts, which actively support people in their daily work with production systems, are used in the secure smart factory lab. To ensure the software’s safety, confidentiality and integrity, as well as correctness of data should play a central role of IT-security in simulating a secure smart factory.