One of the key issues in the range of industry 4.0 is the fusion of the virtual and physical world, which ensures a high increase of communication between human, machine, product and software. The so called Human-Machine-Interface (HMI) contributes to networking of the production facilities by integrating machines into the cloud (among other things) and thus promises more flexiblity.

 This networking to an overall pattern happens across company boundaries by means of communication interfaces, so called User-Interfaces, and leads – in addition to the pure information retrieval – to an increase of self-organization and flexibility of the whole production processes.

 In most cases it is advisable, that not only employees but also suppliers, partner companies and maintenance companies are gaining admission to certain parts of the production process. This is made possible by appropriate interfaces.

 Due to touchscreen, online connection and a simple user interface, smartphones or tablets are very important and increasingly used resources in this area. The objective is to develop solutions that enable a simple and intuitive communication for all production process participants, both internal and external.

 The requirement for participating is the membership in the network I2P Innovative IT for Production.


Two ideas are currently being followed in the project interfacing. On the one hand it's about a web-based remote maintainance by safe communication channels and on the other a service portal in the range of supply chain is being developed.