Communication Framework (FraCPS)

The communication between machines (M2M, Machine-to-Machine) is one of the main topics with increased demand for research in the context of industry 4.0.! Workflows can be improved by the exchange of information which leads to increasing productivity of the overall system and saving costs. This will be achieved in part through so called Embedded-Systems, which are installed in machines.

On the one hand M2M-communication leads to an improvement of the internal workflows, since the machines communicate with each other, and on the other hand, innovations of this area can be used as a check of the equipment from outside – e.g. for remote maintenance.

Project concept:

The project has the goal to develop a communication-framework for safe Cyber-Physical-Systems in the production. Together with the company DE software & control GmbH, a project outline has been developed and a first project concept has been created.

Data from the production facilities is safely transferred to mobile industry devices and fed into backend-systems. NFC (Near Field Communication) is used as a basic-technology.  This new development is also intended for systems that don’t have a technology to communicate with other systems.