Big Data (ProHL)

Every day and everywhere around the world – whether in companies or even in private households – we are faced with big amounts of data. In the new working group, the participating companies try to develop big data solutions.

 The overall objective in the use of big data is to control the mass of measured data and to develop analysis opportunities. In manufacturing companies, this can be implemented for example by a web-based tool for evaluating the costs of the individual components.

 Forecasting – Planning – Optimization: Data must be analyzed in order to get a prediction and to reach an optimization through improved planning.

 The subject of “Data Mining” – the use of methods and algorithms for the extraction of empirical relationships as automatically as possible - should also be examined more closely.

 Project concept:

The project ProHL has the goal to develop an IT-architecture for improving the process result in the semiconductor industry.

 In many industries, data are currently available as stand-alone solutions, whereas every application develops further. The aim is the development of a semantic-layer which is able to collect, process and visualize structured and unstructured data, so that you achieve a system for manufacturing companies which is easy to operate.

Contact person

Maria Hirschberger

Network Manager

Tel: 0941 - 604 889 700