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Neues Mitglied im Cluster: Trackee

Wir freuen uns sehr, Trackee als neues Mitglied im IT-Logistikcluster begrüßen zu dürfen

Roman Kurpatov, Geschäftsführer Trackee

Seit Ende Juni ist Trackee neues Mitglied im IT-Logistikcluster. Um das Unternehmen besser kennenzulernen haben wir mit Roman Kurpatov, dem Geschäftsführer, ein kurzes Interview geführt.

Wo liegt der inhaltliche Schwerpunkt Ihres Unternehmens?

The focus of our company is the digitalization and transparency of Logistic Flow. 
We connect assets from any point of the World and make them visible in real-time. 

Bitte sagen Sie uns kurz in einem Satz, was das Besondere an Ihrem Unternehmen ist!

We make complex things simple and incredibly easy-to-use, giving our customers powerful technology to scale up their business quickly and without any geo-boundaries.

Welchen konkreten Mehrwert können Sie Ihren Kunden bieten?

We reduce entrance barriers for companies, who aim to digitalize their logistic processes or already doing steps towards it. The value we bring is the data & full data ownership. The detailed and continuous information about location of any specific connected asset around the Globe helps our customers to analyze and improve their operations and offer value-added services such as Track & Trace internet-service for their customers.

Welche Zielgruppe möchten Sie mit Ihren Produkten ansprechen?

Our focus is SME (small and medium-sized enterprises). These are typically logistics / transportation companies or their customers, who want to have visibility of Logistic Flow independently of concrete service providers.

Wo sehen Sie Kooperationspotenzial mit anderen Mitgliedern des IT-Logistikclusters?

In collaboration with system integrators and consultants, who are addressing issues in the supply chain.
IT-Cluster network is quite dynamic and new members joining it opening new dimensions of potential cooperation. We are looking forward to explore all of them.

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