PCB-Investigator Physics - Updates V12


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To make thermal simulations performed by PCB-Investigator Physics even more accurate for you and to ensure highly realistic simulation results, we have again implemented a variety of modifications and improvements in the latest version 12.

Enter a new world of PCB thermal simulation with V12 of PCB-Investigator Physics - realistic, fast & reliable!

From now on, PCB-Investigator Physics offers you a completely new way of defining current paths. At the same time, the used values within our simulation tool will not only become considerably more precise and closer to actual physical conditions, but you will also enjoy the benefits of simplified operation. Familiarization times, as well as the time required for data input itself, can be reduced considerably, allowing you to obtain highly reliable simulation results in even less time. Especially in the case of parallel connected components, the advantages of the V12 innovations will become particularly apparent.

For example, Physics now enables you to define Pin Bridges, cutting down on Physics' previous data entry procedure. Data that previously had to be entered manually will now be completed automatically and accurately. This greatly decreases workload and you basically need less information about your PCB, without compromising the accuracy of your final simulation output.

Interested? Then contact us at and submit a request for a 30-day trail version of PCB-Investigator Physics. Convince yourself!

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