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Trackee specializes in intelligent cloud applications for Asset Tracking in automotive and logistics domains. Trackee solutions help customers quickly and effortlessly connect assets to the Cloud and control their location online.

What is staying behind Trackee is the many years of experience in such areas as IoT, Wireless Sensor Networks, Elastic Cloud Solutions and APIs, that brought us to the perfect combination of all this technologies materialized in the Cloud Asset Tracking Platform.

This is Global Network of connected assets, that literally has no geo-boundaries for applications and use cases. Trackee works anywhere, providing powerful and easy-to-use interfaces and Apps to display detailed paths of any asset from point A to point B, anytime and from any device.

We reduce entrance barriers for small and medium enterprises, who aim to digitalize their logistic processes at lower costs and no time investments. First of all, Trackee is ready-to-use out-of-the box service, that requires just seconds to setup and show you information about all connected assets online. Plus, we provide open interfaces (API) for quick and seamless integration and smooth data exchange in the digital landscapes of our customers.

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80336 München
Dr. Roman Kurpatov
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