Network I2P Innovative IT for Production

In the course of the fourth industrial revolution, the production is faced by the challenge of using the new technical possibilities, which resulted from the “Internet of Things and Services” in the production process to add value.


Main topic of the network I2P:

The framework is provided by the digitalization. Add to this, "tomorrow's production" connects with the latest information and communication technologies. The future here lies in the resulting Cyper Physical System (CPPS) - a merge of the physical and virtual world. These are able to communicate with each other through intelligent networking, trigger actions or mutually control themselves.
They form the basis for the intelligent factory (Smart Factory) and enable new business models by producing intelligent products (Smart Products).

In the following we would like to introduce our current projects and project partners to you. Events of the network are held on a regular basis, to which we would like to invite interested companies with pleasure.

Goals of the network I2P:

The technical goal of the network is the development of innovative IT-solutions for the "Production of Tomorrow". In the project period from 2014 to 2017 at least 4 R&D projects should be conceptualized and realized. To achieve this, subsidies totaling 3 Mio. Euros should be acquired. Thereby the network contributes to maintaining the competitiveness of the industrial production as a backbone of the German economy.

Project Management:

VDI/VDE Innovation + Technik GmbH