Working group Logistics-Cloud

In logistics, companies are increasingly focusing on cloud computing solutions. In general, “Cloud Computing” is considered as part of the IT, e.g. data center or software, being “rent” as a service and no longer managed by itself.  The service is usually accessible on the internet.

In the field of cloud computing, the sector already talks about a revolution, whose technology is forecasted an impressive market growth.  Especially the logistics sector will be able to profit strongly from this growth, because complex supply chains can be created and managed more faster by solutions that no longer have to be implemented intricately.  By using cloud solutions, supply chain participants from all over the world are able to access data straightforward and without incurring losses.

In the following we would briefly like to present our aims and members of the working group logistics-cloud. Events of the network are held on a regular basis, to which interesting companies are invited with pleasure. 

Tasks & Goals:

  • Identification of the members competencies and creation of a competency matrix
  • Organization of a roadshow in Bavaria (3-4 events a year)
  • Support for marketing (website, newsletter, social media, trade press, etc.)
  • Creation of an image brochure
  • Organization of a joint booth at a relevant fair
  • Initiation of cooperations
  • Drawing up a specific company profile (in German and English) to be able to participate at national F&E projects and at EU-funded-projects