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Bavarian IT-Logistics cluster and SEP Logistics AG represented on the LogiMAT for the first time

According to the press release, the LogiMAT 2015 – the 13th international trade fair for distribution, material- and information flow – has been the most successful intralogistics trade fair in the whole LogiMAT history. By comparison to the preceding year the number of exhibitors from 28 different countries increased by 15 per cent to 1.1162. Thereby the LogiMAT assumes the pole-position in the international intralogistics trade fair landscape.

Joint booth of the Bavarian IT-logistics cluster and the SEP logistics AG

The Bavarian IT-Logistics cluster and the company SEP Logistics AG from the upper Bavarian Weyarn had been represented in hall 5 for the very first time with a joint booth. In the coming year the LogiMAT will take place from the 8th to the 19th  of march in the new trade fair complex in Stuttgart.  The Bavarian IT-Logistics cluster is planned to participate again.

Under the umbrella of the Bavarian IT-Logistics cluster specific projects are created, which focus on the topics “logistics cloud” and “intralogistics for industry 4.0” – the latest trend in the industry. Meanwhile the Bavarian IT-Logistics cluster is said to be one of the most important sector initiatives of Bavaria. The group members, which are meanwhile more than 40, gain from the diversity of their competencies and create synergies. One of the work priorities of the cluster is the initiation and coordination of research projects and collaborations.


The SEP Logistics AG: Steering and optimization of internal logistics

With more than 30 years of experience, the SEP Logistics AG is one of the leading manufacturer in the fields of intralogistics software and since 2013 member in the Bavarian IT-logistics cluster. The software can be deployed for goods receipt, shipping, commissioning and connection to production as well as for a stacker control system with 3D-navigation. The RELAG-System® - SLS (stacker control system) therefore assumes die automatic allocation and execution of transport orders for forklifts. All of the forklifts are connected by terminals with the SLS, which checks and logs the current position, activities and features of the vehicle. By means of these parameters, new orders are allocated to the forklift. The identification of goods takes place by the evaluation of the exact forklift. There is no need of a further identification by barcode or RFID.



 Uwe Pfeil
Cluster manager Bavarian IT-logistics-cluster
R-Tech GmbH
Bruderwöhrdstr. 15 b
93055 Regensburg
Phone: 0941/604 889-55
Fax: 0941/604 889-11
E-Mail: uwe.pfeil@it-speicher.de


SEP Logistik AG
Florian Hefft
Ziegelstr. 2
D-83629 Weyarn
Phone: +49 8020 905-0
Fax: +49 8020 905-100
E-Mail: info@sepag.de

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