Event formats

Forum IT-logistics

The Bavarian IT-logistics cluster organizes events which experts from the cluster as well as extern experts will have the possiblity to give public specialistic lectures at.

  • Information transfer and experience exchange
  • Cooperation between forum participants
  • Transregional presentation of the Bavarian IT-logistics clusters' competencies

Forum IT-logistics fast track

The forum IT-logistics fast track is new event format of the Bavarian IT-logistics cluster. At this event, one of the experts is going to highlight a focus-topic textually.

Subsidy network

The R-Tech GmbH has started a network, in which interested people from business and science merge to exchange experiences in the range of subsidies. Focus of the common exchange should be technology-relevant R&D funding instruments from state, federal government and EU.

Bavarian IT-innovation congress

The Bavarian IT-innovation congress, which is being organized by the Bavarian IT-logistics cluster and the Bavarian IT-security cluster e.V, is a fixed event format within the cluster. In the course of the years, the congress has developed to a groundbreaking event.

  • 4. Bavarian IT-innovation congress triples participants (29.01.2015)

Joint booth at LogiMAT

LogiMAT is the international tradefair for distribution, material and information flow and assumes a leading role in the international trade fair landscape. The Bavarian IT-logistics cluster organizes a joint booth for members and interested companies.