Bavarian IT-Logistics Cluster

Companies from the IT-business, companies which are using IT-logistics solutions, universities and further research and training institutions are working together in den Bavarian IT-logistics cluster to achieve common goals. They focus on IT-solutions for intralogistics and on the goods and transport logistics.

The cluster has set itself the task of increasing the competitiveness and market opportunity of the member companies. The fields of work of the Bavarian IT-logistics cluster arise from the competencies and interests of each member, as well as from the relevant topics of public attention.

Goals of the Bavarian IT-Logistics Cluster:

  • Bundling of IT-logistics competencies in Bavaria
  • Initiation und support of cooperation projects
  • Common marketing and PR
  • Information- and communication services
  • Identification of IT-logistics future fields

Services of the Bavarian IT-Logistics Cluster:

  • Collaborations
  • Initiation and management of networks, e.g. I2P
  • Initiation of working groups, e.g. working group logistics cloud, working group RFID/Auto-ID
  • Collaboration workshops
  • Platform for networking
  • Free or discounted opportunity for participation at events or trainings
  • Initiation of common cooperation projects
  • Project support of collaboration projects
  • Partner-scouting for companies of the IT-logistics Cluster
  • Networking with relevant clusters and networks
  • Creation of project outlines for funding bodies
  • Market research
  • Internationalization

Information & Communication

  • Participating at fund networks
  • Individual fund screening
  • Web-based IT-logistics job portal

Marketing & PR

  • Online public relations at the cluster website
  • Creating press releases
  • Organizing public events
  • Organizing of joint booths at fairs
  • Creating print media

Qualification & Training

  • Continuing education events
  • Company visits
  • Foundation coaching

Organization and Management

The R-Tech GmbH manages the businesses of the Bavarian IT-Logistics cluster.


All of the members of networks and project groups of the single working areas are working together on projects, innovations, grant applications or marketing campaigns. The cluster-management accompanies and supports the thematic work and offers a specific contact mediation, presentation of their competencies and extensive information for all members. 

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